Summer Programs for Troubled Teens in Indiana or Illinois

A summer program for troubled teens in Indiana or Illinois may be your answer if your teen has behavioral problems and you can see they’re heading in the wrong direction. A wide range of programs are available to help troubled teens get back on track and live a happy, successful life.

Boot Camps in Illinois and Indiana

Your teen may benefit from a boot camp program if they are showing signs of defiance, disrespect, or uncontrollable anger and are just starting to act out. Boot camps teach discipline, respect, and honesty. 

Most boot camps last from several weeks to a few months, which is shorter than other options. In addition to providing structure for teens, some even offer individual and family therapy.

Camp Summit

Camp Summit is located in LaPorte, IN and is only open to males. It is a six-and-a-half month program in a medium to high security facility that teaches life skills and discipline through military-style exercises. 

Aside from traditional curriculum, they also offer substance abuse treatment, individual counseling, family counseling, and pro-social education. Teachers and counselors are professionally trained to run this program. Please contact Mr. David at 219-326-1188 for pricing information.

Illinois Youth Center Chicago

Located in Chicago, IL, Illinois Youth Center provides structure, mental health treatment, academic education, and counseling to males under the age of 18. A musical theater program, medical care, and substance abuse treatment are also available. 

Students’ programs are tailored to their needs and run by professional counselors and educators. It is important to emphasize education and teamwork, as well as improving self-esteem. Call 312-633-5219 for information regarding pricing.

Wilderness Camps

Teenagers can challenge themselves at wilderness camps by being taken out of their everyday environment. Developing teens’ potential and helping them grow is the goal. It is possible for teens from Illinois and Indiana to attend wilderness camps even if they are not in their home states.

Star Guides Wilderness

Teenagers who show signs of comorbid disorders, digital addictions, and trauma are targeted by this program. It includes, but is not limited to, internet addiction, sex addiction, and sexual offenses. This program is located in St. George, Utah and offers a boys and girls camp that runs for 90 to 110 days depending on the client’s needs. 

Each individual’s stay determines the price, so prices will vary. This program has received many positive reviews from both parents and teens, with one attendee stating that the experience changed their lives.

New Vision Wilderness

With locations in Wisconsin and Oregon, New Vision Wilderness assists teens with anxiety, depression, trauma-related issues, emotional volatility, ADHD, eating disorders, and motivational issues. Teenagers from Illinois and Indiana are welcome to attend the camp. 

There is a minimum stay requirement of 45 days, but some people stay as long as 10 weeks. In addition to academic credit transfer and outdoor experiences like backpacking and rafting, this program offers extensive individual and group therapy every week. 

There is a registration fee of $3,000 and an additional fee of $545 per day, which includes outdoor gear, lodging, therapy, and meals. It is a great summer program option since students can join at any time during the year. The staff at this program was rated nearly 5 stars by parents.

Residential Treatment Centers

Residential treatment centers are among the most expensive summer programs, so it’s important to thoroughly investigate the facility. Teenagers with behavioral and emotional problems are helped by counselors in residential treatment centers.

Allendale Association

Allendale Association is a residential treatment center located in Lake Villa, IL, with a 100-acre main campus that serves both male and female students ages seven to 21. With specialties in trauma, depressive disorders, and anxiety disorders, Allendale helps teens deal with emotional and behavioral problems. 

The program offers individual and group therapy as well as substance abuse education and treatment.

Midwest Center

The Midwest Center has separate programs for boys and girls in Kouts and Valparaiso, Indiana. Boys and girls ages 10 to 18 are welcome to participate in this program. Their goal is to help teens who struggle with suicidal ideation, bipolar disorder, personality disorders, and depression. 

As well as school programs and psychiatric services, they offer therapeutic services focusing on Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and dietitians. To find out more specific information, you will need to contact the admissions office. Pricing depends on the length of stay as well as insurance.

Summer Programs Serving Troubled Teens

Teenagers who are struggling with emotional or behavioral issues have a variety of options available to them. Teens can strengthen their resiliency, emotional intelligence, and help them cope with painful and uncomfortable symptoms if they seek help early on.

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